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Month: February 2017

Structure of self-managed superannuation


Self-managed super or just known as self-managed superannuation is the system runs under Australian government. Australian Taxation Office gives the definition of super as a framework where cash is put in a reserve to accommodate a man’s retirement. It is money that is set aside and spared while you are working and can enjoy like a regular pay after retirement.

How does Self managed super or self-managed superannuation work?

  • If you are working for any organization or association:

If you work for an organization or association, your boss pays cash into a super account in your name and then managed by a super fund. The process includes 9.5% of your pay (currently according to the australian government) including bonuses and commissions. It is known as the Super Guarantee, and it’s the law according to the australian government. You can add additional cash to your super account as per your choice. By doing so, you’ll have much more to live off when you resign.

  • If you are self-employed:

In case you’re self-employed you can choose by yourself the amount of your earnings to put aside for superannuation. Through the span of your working life, the earnings included are invested by your super fund with the goal of growing them significantly.

When can I access my super?

To guarantee your superannuation savings for your retirement, Australian government made some restrictions and rules that when and how you can get access to your super. You need to wait till your retirement. Moreover, just remember that you need to be 60 years old for your super to be tax-free.

Superannuation after retirement:

Once you retired, you can have a monthly super income to make your retirement easy to live. After retirement, you may combine your super income or super fund with your current earnings (in case you are doing any business or part-time job after retirement) to live your dreams after retirement.

How to apply for superannuation?

According to Australian government policies, most employers have a default fund. The only requirement is to ask your employer to pay your super into a fund of your choice.

How to makeĀ  self-managed superannuation fund:

You can set up your self-managed superannuation online within 15 minutes. In case you’re ready to begin, you’ll require:

A name for your superannuation fund

the name

date of birth


tax file numbers and

the organization name you might want to utilize if your fund will be enlisted as an organization trustee.

In the end, Superannuation or self managed super is intended to be a tax-effective approach to help you spare and contribute for your retirement. By putting cash in a superannuation store, you are building a retirement fund to live on where you will no longer taking a salary. Thus, therefore the more you set away now, the more you will have to spend after your retirement. Thus, therefore do not wait more just visitĀ and make your self-managed superannuation fund right now and secure your future after retirement.


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